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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t know anything about swim, how can I find out more?

          -There is a New Parent Meeting in early May that will go                over the basics of how it all works.  Also you can ask any                of our board members, they would be happy to help.

          -There are several YouTube Accounts devoted to                                competitive swimming @FaresKsebati & @myswimpro                  are great resources.

2. What should my swimmer bring to practice?

          -Swimsuit (competitive is preferred but not required),                      Competitive Swim Goggles, Towel, and a Water Bottle.

3. Do I need a Practice Suit?

          -Swimmers usually have a suit that they practice in and                a separate team suit that is worn during meets (swim                    competitions), but it is not required.

          -Team suits are available for purchase in early May from                5:00-7:00pm at the Rec Center. If you would like a practice              suit there are several inexpensive options available on                    Amazon or  Look for competitive suit                    brands like TYR, Speedo, Dolfin, or Arena.

4. Do I need a Competitive Suit?

          -It is not required, but a typical swimsuit creates “drag”                  and will make swimming much harder.  No wetsuits are                allowed in meets.

5. Is a two-piece swimsuit an acceptable swimsuit?

          -No, girls should wear a competitive style swimsuit                          (preferred) or a one-piece bathing suit.  Two piece                            swimsuit can fall down when diving/streamlining.

6. Are boys required to wear briefs style swimsuits?

          -No, “jammers” (tight shorts style suit) will be available                  to purchase as a team suit.

7. Do I need to wear a swim cap?

          -Caps are preferred, but not mandatory.  If your swimmer              has long hair, the cap will keep it out of the way during                  swimming and breathing, as well as decreasing drag. 

          -Please ask a coach, parent, or board member for tips on                how to best put on a swim cap, as it can be tricky.

8. Do I need a team shirt?

          -A team shirt comes with your registration, but many                      families purchase additional shirts for team spirit. They                  are typically not available after the initial order.

9.  Are practices or meets mandatory?

          -No, practice and meets are not mandatory, but they are                a lot of fun! 

          -In order for a swimmer to get better, time at practice is                  needed.

          -You must have participated in at least one CCAA meet to                attend City Champs Meet.

          -To qualify for the state meet, you must compete at the                    TAAF Regional Meet.

10.  Do I need to stay during practice?

          -The Rec Center requires that a parent walk into practice                all 8 and under swimmers.

          - You are not required to stay during practice, but if you                  choose to stay, please remain in the spectator (bleachers)                area. Being on Deck (around the pool) or behind the                          blocks (the diving platforms) serves as a distraction to the              instruction and the lifeguards.  

11.  How long are meets?

          -Meets range in length due to the number of swimmers,                but most meets last 3-4 hours. City Champs Meet and the                TAAF Regional Meet are split into two sessions (morning                  and afternoon) due to size.

12.  Are there lifeguards on duty?

          -Yes, lifeguards are always on duty.  Please encourage                      your children not to run or horseplay as it is not allowed                and a distraction for the life guards. 

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